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There are three balls in the year, one each term. There is always a drinks reception, a three course dinner and then entertainment (‘ents’) afterwards which can include anything from bouncy castles to photobooths to gladiator-style competitions, and of course lots of music. Balls are some of the stand out events in the College Calendar, bringing together students from all year groups and often alumni, for a night of fun, celebration & partying.

Each Term our Ball Committees come together and bring the whole of College to life with decorations, music, events and entertainment. Ball tickets range in price depending both on the event and the type of ticket you choose to purchase.

Students are able to choose ‘ents’ only tickets, permitting them to attend the entertainment part of the night, beginning after the formal meal has finished. ‘Ents’ only tickets can cost as little as £25 for our Winter & Masquerade Ball, and around £60 for our Midsummer Ball. Students are also able to choose ‘Meal and Ents’ tickets, allowing them to attend a drinks reception, followed by a formal 3 Course Meal, as well as the entertainment part of the evening. ‘Meal and Ents’ tickets have been priced around £35 in the past for our Winter & Masquerade Ball, and can cost up to £80 for our Midsummer Ball.

The first ball of the year is Winter Ball in Michaelmas term, run by the Social Committee.

The Ball in Epiphany term is the Masquerade Ball, which is run by the Arts Society (SMCAS). Masquerade Ball offers a different theme to our Winter Ball and is a real stand out event in Epiphany Term, often when the pressure of work is beginning to mount on students. Our students really enjoy letting off steam and having a great time at this mid-Epiphany Ball.

The final ball of the year in Easter Term is the Midsummer Ball which is the biggest event in Mary’s social Calendar. Midsummer Ball takes place after exams have finished in the penultimate week of Easter Term. Mary’s Midsummer Ball is unique, because it is held at an external venue. This gives a really special feel to the night, which begins at 6pm for those attending the meal, and does not end until 2am the following morning.

Think fairground rides, live music, food stands, fine drink, casino tables, dance machines and Dj sets. Our Midsummer Ball really does go beyond what most students around the nation will ever experience! Take a look for yourself below –

You can also become involved in organising the balls, as all three of them are entirely student ran. Whether this is through looking for sponsorship or making decorations, we need LOTS of help!

What’s left to be said – We can’t wait to welcome you to these events!