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Freshers’ Reps

Freshers’ Reps

These are the people who have organised the events for Induction Week and will be around throughout to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact any of them before coming to Durham as they are all more than happy to help.

Introduction from your Senior Freshers’ Rep, Anna Gallagher-Gill

Hi! I’m Anna (she/her) and I’m a 4th year Biology student! Firstly, congratulations to everyone who will be joining us at Durham, you should all be very proud of yourselves, and we cannot wait to welcome you into our amazing community!

You’ve definitely chosen the right (best) college! It’s beautiful all times of year, but particularly in spring when the cherry blossoms come out and sitting on the lawn in the summer sun (especially during Mary’s day!)! Mary’s is the best college in Durham, with the most picturesque grounds, and the most friendly and welcoming people. You’ll feel right at home.

I know that moving to a new place can sometimes be daunting, but just remember, everyone is in the same boat and wants to make friends! If you’re joining as a postgrad, it’s understandable if you may think you’ll feel a bit out of it, but you definitely won’t! Not only do other freshers want to make new friends, but so do the existing Mary’s students! Some people make their best friends in their final years.

Throughout the week, there are lots of fun and exciting things planned, from quizzes, games, parties, exploring the city and much more! My advice is to just try anything and everything! There are lots of sports and societies for you to try too, and even if you don’t end up sticking to it, it’s worth the try! You never know what you might enjoy or who you might meet!

I will be here throughout the whole week to come and chat to or ask any questions, and also throughout the rest of the year! As I live in college, I’ll always be around somewhere! 😊 (or feel free to message me at [email protected] or on Facebook)

(p.s take lots of photos and videos; you’ll thank yourself later!)

Senior Freshers’ Representative 2023/24

Freshers’ Reps (‘Freps’)

Matthew Richardson, Mathematics, 4th Year

Hello, I’m Matthew (he/him) and I’m a 4th year mathematics student. I want to wish you a huge congratulations on attaining your place at Durham and wish you a very warm welcome to St Mary’s. I’m sure you’ll quickly be convinced that you’ve got the best college. Many of you won’t be familiar with a collegiate system at university but I promise you it’s the best part of Durham and offers many exciting opportunities.

We have lots of fun activities lined up for you once you arrive. I really hope you all throw yourselves into the experience and make the most of it. Whether you’re competing in a quiz, matriculating in the awe-inspiring cathedral or enjoying a party freshers week is sure to be a blast. Also make sure to try out some of Mary’s many sports and societies. I am a member of gamesoc, squash, origami society, ultimate frisbee and more!

For the rest of the year, I will be your MCR president, so I really hope to get to know you all well. I will be here year round to be your point of contact with College, and will also be sending regular updates via email with opportunities you can take advantage of.

I really hope you enjoy freshers week as much as I will enjoy helping to make it happen.

Jebous Cappendell, Mathematics, 4th Year

Hi, I’m Jebous (he/him) and I’m a 4th year mathematician. Well done on making it to St Mary’s College. We all, and especially I, look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful college. Hopefully you don’t feel too nervous but it’s entirely understandable if you do.

I’d advise you to really throw yourself into everything. Freshers’ week isn’t the be all and end all and there’s lots of fun to be had throughout the year in the various clubs and societies. I was the Mary’s squash captain last year, as well as playing Ultimate Frisbee, playing many games at Gamesoc, and doing wheel gymnastics a few times. Of course, I go to all the formals and college events (Mary’s Day is a highlight of the year), and then occasionally I do my degree. Arguably I do too much, but I don’t intend on slowing down. As someone once told me: Don’t let your degree get in the way of a good education. And while I think they may have been saying that ironically, I’ve really taken it to heart.

Also remember that we aren’t just Freps for the week, we are there to help throughout the year so if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to email me on [email protected], or message me on Facebook at Jebous Cappendell

Callum Madeley, Physics with Astronomy, 4th year

Hi everyone! I’m callum and I’m a frep

Ben Sharp, History, 6th Year

Hi im ben and i’m a frep