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College Bedrooms

College Bedrooms

Room Information at a Glance:

St Mary’s is a catered only College offering accommodation to a diverse community.

We currently have 309 rooms in College. We offer accommodation to all our first year undergraduate students (around 220 students) and the remaining rooms are used by second, third and fourth year undergraduates, and taught and research postgraduates.

All study bedrooms are furnished with a single bed, under bed storage, a wardrobe, desk, shelves and a basin. All rooms have wi-fi.

Rooms for new undergraduate students are allocated by the Vice-Principal with the help of the JCR President and are based on the information provided by new students on their room questionnaire, which is included in College induction pack sent out in August.

The majority of first year undergraduates will be allocated to a standard room with shared bathroom facilities on their corridor. The College has a small number of en-suite rooms which are reserved for returning undergraduates, postgraduates, and those students whose circumstances require en-suite facilities. We have two bedrooms with wet rooms for those students who require this type of accommodation.

A Summary –

  • Fully catered (3 meals a day) accommodation during the undergraduate term
  • Accommodation during University vacations (room only, no catering)
  • Wi-Fi throughout the College
  • Cleaning of your room. College staff will give your room a quick vacuum and wipe your sink over fortnightly. It is your responsibility to keep the rooms tidy at all other times.
  • Use of all student facilities in College
  • No additional gas, electricity or water bills to pay
  • Laundry facilities (washing machines & dryers operated via the Circuit Laundry Plus app on a pay as you go basis, and ironing boards and irons). The washers are loaded with detergent already, but if you wish to use your own the rightmost washer in both buildings does not preload detergent. Note that the dryers are free! If you don’t have access to the app you can request a card from reception.

Things you should bring for your room at Mary’s: 

  • Pictures and Posters – these will make your room homely, as the walls might seem a bit bare at first.
  • White Tack, to put the posters up with.
  • Bed Linen – College DOES NOT provide bedding and so you’ll need your own sheets, pillows and your own nice duvet and cover.
  • Slippers/ Sliders/ Flip Flops – Our bathrooms & showers are as clean as they come, but we’d still recommend you bring something to walk to the shower/ bathroom in!
  • Towels (and a Bath Mat – optional, in case you’re lucky enough to get an ensuite)
  • Bedside Lamp
  • Alarm Clock – you should at least give yourself a fighting chance of making those 9am lectures!
  • Some Mugs and Basic Cutlery
  • A Clothes Hanger/Airer
  • A Multi-plug (preferably with surge protection if you’re bringing a computer).
  • Laundry Basket (and everything you need for doing laundry – Washing Powder etc.)
  • Coat Hangers
  • Sports Equipment you may need
  • A Doorstop – a great way to make friends in the first week is to keep your door propped open while you’re in there; people are more likely to stop and chat! (and even more so if you bring cake!)
  • All the other things you think you’ll need to make your room habitable – Speakers, Cushions etc.