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Open Days and Tours

Open Days and Tours

Open days will give you a feel for what St Mary’s is like and a chance to experience exactly what we have to offer. We hold both pre and post application open days and if you hold an offer we strongly encourage that you attend the post application open days as it will give you a chance to truly experience for yourself what a day at Durham University and St Mary’s is like.

As well as attending academic sessions run by your department you can also have tours of the college and get to meet some of our amazing staff and students.

If you receive an offer from St Mary’s College, it is more than likely that our open day content will be virtual this year. Therefore, look out on this website for Post Offer Visit Days 2021! We’re going to do all we can to make sure that you get the best impression possible about what life at Mary’s is like.

Take a look at previous Visit Days for an idea of what we’re about !!

To find out more about the University tours visit the website

If you can’t make the open day, you can book onto a tour by contacting either [email protected] or through ringing (0)191 334 5719 or booking through, and we would be more than happy to show you exactly what St Mary’s has to offer!