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MCR Exec 2023/24

MCR Exec 2023/24

MCR President – Matthew Richardson

Hi, I’m Matthew and I am the MCR President for the 2023/24 Academic year. As President it is my job to oversee the MCR and everything it entails, from finances to events to publicity. A large part of my job is interacting with college staff, so I am always happy to pass on concerns or requests from students. If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] .

The role of MCR president is not sabbatical, so you will often find me struggling my way through the 4th year of my mathematics degree. I’m also heavily involved with sports and societies around Mary’s. I’m the president of gamesoc and play both squash and frisbee. You might also find me enthusiastically trying my hand at origami society.

MCR Vice President – Anna Gallagher-Gill

Hi! I’m Anna and I’m the MCR Vice President for the 2023/24 academic year! As the vice president, I have the responsibility of standing in for the President in their absence, working with the social chairs to organize social events, taking care of the MCR room booking form and calendar, as well as MCR publicity. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected].

As for myself, I am in the 4th year of my biology degree! I am also involved in other aspects of Mary’s life, such as fine arts and crafts, random acts of kindness, badminton and more! As I live in college, I’ll always be around Mary’s, so come and find me for a chat or just to say hi!

MCR Treasurer – Jebous Cappendell

Hi, I’m Jebous and I am your MCR Treasurer for the 2023/24 academic year. As the treasurer I share the job of financial responsibility with the President, as well as deal with the day to day running of the physical MCR (the room in williamson) and update the website. If you have any questions about how the MCR works financially, then please fell free to email me here. (Genuinely I love receiving emails).

Otherwise, I’m quite involved in Mary’s life. I’m the Squash captain and am also involved in Gamesoc, CircusSoc and Frisbee. You can find me around college since I live in so please ask me a question if you see me walking around.

MCR Chair – Aiken Thompson

The Chair’s main role to uphold and facilitate the MCR democracy. The chair schedules and runs the meetings and takes notes of what goes on there. If those meetings have elections or motions that need to be discussed and voted on, the chair runs those processes. The Chair also acts as a mediator in case there is a dispute among the MCR members, their job is to be impartial in these situations and resolve the disagreement as fairly as possible.

A little about your MCR chair this year: I am in my fourth year at Mary’s studying business and management. I did a placement year last year at an engine company in the midlands. Right now I’m doing my dissertation on the sustainability and impacts of arctic shipping. The Mary’s societies I am a part of are Circus Society, Game Society, Origami Society and I am also on the Mary’s Rugby and Squash teams. If you have any questions about these societies, the role of chair, placement years, life as an international student or anything else, feel free to reach out and I’d be happy to discuss.

MCR Social Chairs – Martin Garza & Worapon (Tony) Rattanawarawong

Hello there, I’m Martin, the MCR social co-chair with Tony. As the social chairs, we are responsible for organising events for the members of the MCR, from casual get-togethers to the inter-MCR formal for the academic year. We hope to make events inclusive and welcome for anyone to come, so feel free to reach out if you have ideas that you want to be implemented!

As for myself, I am a postgraduate student studying data science with an emphasis on digital humanities, which is cultural data. You may have been blinded by the shine of my head on the days we get sun in Durham, but on days when there’s not sun, I’m still pretty easy to spot. I go here and there about campus: popping by Gamesoc; trying and failing to nail shots at the pool table; and waiting by the coffee machine as it takes its sweet time with my brew. I like learning about different languages and cultures, and I hope to be able to incorporate different cultural perspectives into our events with the help of Tony and our international representative.

MCR Head Frep – Anna Gallagher Gill

Information found under Vice President

MCR International Rep – Xinran Yang

I am xinran studying Msc management. (Slight chance to be a money maker). I love food, yoga, coffee and chatting with people. I am happy to be international students representative this semester. Hopefully we can hold some activity in next long vacation and have fun together.

MCR Brackenbury Rep – EMPTY

MCR PGR (Postgraduate Research) Representative – Livia Maskos

MCR PGT (Postgraduate Taught) Representative – EMPTY

MCR 4th Year Rep – Matthew Richardson

The year group reps are automatically held by the President, depending on which group they fall into.