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Welcome to St Mary’s College!

Mary’s is renowned in Durham as being one of the friendliest colleges. Anyone and everyone is welcome at Mary’s! We have beautiful old buildings and grounds, an amazing location, which is across the road from the Mountjoy site and we are the closest Hill College to the city centre!

The college community at Mary’s consists of three common rooms. As a postgraduate student you are entitled to membership of two of them, the Junior Common Room (JCR) and the MCR. The Middle Common Room at St Mary’s represents a diverse body of postgraduate students, mature students, and 4th year undergraduates. Our aim is to provide a friendly and unique college experience to postgraduates. Our diverse community provides an intellectually stimulating, inclusive and welcoming environment for postgraduates that can be lost in larger colleges.

Whilst we know that MCR members often have a very busy schedule, we also believe that interactions with the Junior Common Room and the Senior Common room is vital. The MCR actively takes part in many College events and we also organise our own. All students are part of the JCR community, meaning that there is a large number of social events and sporting activities available. Additionally, we work closely with the Senior Common Room (SCR) and there is often a large number of students attending events run by the SCR, such as Tuesday High Table Dinner.

Whether you are considering joining St Mary’s as a part-time and/or distance-learner (PTDL), PGCE, Masters or PhD student, the College will provide you with opportunities to achieve your full potential as part of a supportive graduate community!